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A Different Kind of Mother’s Day Gift

If you’ve been following Dekaria Clothing and have read my blog post about "how it all started",

you'll perhaps remember that my first collection 'Julia Susan SS21' was named after my mother who has, along with my father, been supporting me throughout my exciting journey into the world of fashion designing.

My mum was and still is my inspiration to 'be different, be unique' (Dekaria Clothing's tagline), and she quite simply deserves my respect and appreciation each and every day. In truth, she lives up to her Roman name 'Julia', which means 'youthful', and this Mother's Day, I'd like to honour all the women in our lives who – like my mum – have played an important role in our upbringing and contributed to shaping us into the strong, independent woman we are today.

So for all the ladies who remain young at heart, below you’ll find some fashionable alternatives to the classic Mother's Day gifts – essentials for your mum's Spring wardrobe.

These staples have been carefully chosen to mix and match, to be dressed up or down, and to create the perfect trendy Spring outfit. Although many mums on the go lean towards leggings, zip-up athletic jackets or hoodies and trainers, this season I'd like to point you all in the direction of fun outfits and accessories, with a few vibrant pops of colour, that will allow your mum to express herself through nature's Spring beauty.

A bouquet of flowers vs a pretty gingham check scarf

Scarves come in a huge variety of styles, designs and fabrics, but this season it's gingham that's all the trend.  She can wear this fashionable lightweight scarf wrapped around her shoulders or around her neck and let it spruce up a plain blouse.

If a spring breeze picks up and the day turns chilly, your mum can throw on a trench coat in a neutral colour and complete this seasonal look with leather boots and wide-leg cargo trousers. Alternatively, she might tie a colourful scarf around the handles of her bag, or keep her hair covered with a scarf or a bandana, or by sporting a scarf worn as a headband.

A box of chocolate-dipped strawberries vs a dreamy floral dress

When it comes to celebrations your mum may like to indulge in mouth-watering gourmet chocolate treats, but this Mother's day why not delight her wardrobe rather than her taste buds? Floral prairie dresses and skirts will be all the rage these coming months.

This season, however, designers are putting their own contemporary spin on the classic romantic look, opting for thin shoulder straps or an enormous collar in place of the conventional (and confining) high neckline, full sleeves, and billowy vintage aesthetic.

A luxe fragrance set vs a super fun and breezy Kimono

Most of us probably believe that we simply can’t go wrong with a high-end perfume set as a gift, and we'd be right I guess, but how many of us eventually stumble across hoards of unopened fragrance boxes, piled up in our mum's wardrobes?  

From traditional Japanese geisha garb to cutting-edge runway style, she can wear a kimono over and over again with tights or with jeans, shorts, leggings, and so on. Suggest that she wears one as a light spring tunic or as a long-length blouse, a style that’s been popularised by such celebrities as Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, leading to an explosion in demand.

A last-minute gift voucher vs a flattering cardigan

This season, cardigans are roaring back into fashion. When the weather is still a touch ‘in-between’, cardigans make a terrific substitute for a jacket and they’re also ideal for dressing up jeans because they come in so many styles and lengths.

Whether it's a waterfall cardigan with no fasteners, draped loosely around the body, or a collarless double-breasted sweater cardigan with an open front and large gold buttons down both sides, a smart cardigan is so in vogue. Your mum can reach for one when the weather is a little cooler, to slip on in the evening or to wear over a sleeveless dress.

No matter what you decide to do this Mother’s Day, whether it be giving her presents or organising an activity, be sure you show your mother how much you appreciate all that she does for you. This day should be one that reflects your deep admiration for her – make it one that she will never forget.




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