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How Dekaria Clothing Began...

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

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16th February 2023

My name is Tia Gabbidon and I'm the founder of Dekaria Clothing. Here's a bit about how Dekaria Clothing began.

As you all know, lockdown (2020) was a very tough time for many, in fact all of us. Some of us spent that time learning new skills and developing the skills they already had some form of knowledge on already.

During this time, I had a fabric shop nearby which was closing down. As you already know, closing down = closing down SALE! I was there every single day without fail. Discovering loads of different types of fabrics from the: textures, colours, stretchiness etc. It was a completely new world for me (still kind of is), but I was loving it and it was keeping my mind occupied.

Years before lockdown I was gifted a sewing machine from my auntie and grandma, I finally found time to make use of it and develop the basic skills I had when it came to sewing. As each day went by, I challenged myself to make new things, such as tops, trousers, jackets (I love jumping in the deep end). I also owned patterns which I used to make trousers and other nice bits of clothing that I could eventually take time out to model in.

As you can see above, I was proud of my creations, that I had to post them on my social media platforms. The love I received from my peers and people that gradually started seeing my work was extremely motivating. I started filming Instagram Reels in my room, which unleashed the creativity within me and forced me to be consistent and productive. My editing skills developed rapidly, I started experimenting with the green screen I owned, I was having so much fun.

Due to all the responses I received on social media I decided it was time I turned this passion into a business. I had no clue where to start, but this is where google became my bestfriend and asking around/networking with those that have similar passions to me. I started sketching ideas and designs, but constructing them was the part I had no clue how to do. I jumped on Fiv err and found a pattern maker, showed him my designs and corresponded back and forth with any ideas and developments. Realising it was possible to begin this dream I became passionate about during such a difficult time, I started planning and coming up with an ideas, themes and names.

I decided to call this first collection Julia Susan SS21 (Blog post about all collections will be posted) , which is named after my mother - she's still here with me, supporting me day in and day out. She use to study fashion design and was able to assist me whenever I needed any help, my dad helped me whenever he could too, critiquing my designs and giving options from a different perspective and outside point of views.

Everything started coming together, my amazing friend went fabric shopping with me, to collect the huge rolls of fabric - 10 METRE'S of each fabric. And the rest was history...

And that's how I knew I wanted to become a fashion designer. The happiness this gave me, seeing where my mind could go creativity wise was so exciting to experience.

Overall the purpose of this blog is to explain and show my journey, as I tried my best to document most parts of my journey. I'll also be incorporating other people in these blogs, explaining their fashion journey and how important fashion is in their career.


Dekaria Clothing x

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