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Music, Life and Fashion with @Nicsmusicuk

Today we have a wonderful interview with @nicsmusicuk covering a-bit of everything. We truly admire his work rate and all the hard work he puts in, in many different avenues. He's a super talented person all round and truly inspires many people. Please do check him out after you've read this blog post.

Dekaria Clothing: Tell me abit about yourself and what you currently do?

Nics: I go by the name of Nics and I am a artist/rapper who is also a part time DJ and does graphic editing on the side. I’ve been rapping since the age of 7 but taking it more seriously in college when I went to Brit school at the age of 16, but then releasing more of my own stuff around 2019 when I was 21/22.

 My main inspirations when making music would be the vibe or mood I’m in. I feel like we all run through many different moods and emotions, it’s never a constant linear thing hence why my music tends to be in quite a few genres but all while keeping some things consistent where you listen and can identify it is still Nics.

Dekaria: That sounds really good, so you're definitely a master at all your skills since you've been doing it for a while.

Dekaria: What is your dress sense at the moment and where do you shop?

Nics: My dress sense at the moment is quite straight forward; mainly black with a splash of colour which then has an afro comb to correlate to that colour. But I am getting more into wearing colours now so I can wear more combs to match.

Cargos are also a big part of my dress sense as they are the main bottoms I wear. Either cargos or tracksuits.

 When shopping, I typically will go to Selfridges for Off-Spring to get some trainers or Nike Town but to get tops and etc it will either be the Ralph Lauren store, as they are my favourite brand right now and have amazing quality, or will go to ASOS for some bits mainly for the next day delivery they have, very convenient, but will most likely get a Ralph piece from there.

Dekaria Clothing: Do you think fashion is very important in the music industry and why?

Nics: I think fashion is very important in the music industry and they work very hand in hand. An artists image is something portrayed through not just how they move but what they wear, how they wear it, their choice or colours and etc. These things help the audience know more about the artist which in turns builds a stronger relationship between the two.

Dekaria Clothing: As I’ve researched previously, you edit videos for various artists and yourself. Can you tell us abit about that and who?

Nics: Regarding my editing side of things. I edit all of my personal content and I’ve edited for quite a few big artists on a commissions basis. Artists such as: Drake, M Huncho, Sean Paul, Dizzee Rascal and more.

(@Nicsmusicuk birthday freestyle posted on his instagram)

Dekaria Clothing: Have you faced any difficulties as an artist?

Nics: Some difficulties I’ve faced as an artist would be not getting too lost in the creating side of things and knowing when to take a break. I feel like a lot of artists of this generation feel the need to constantly keep working on things and stay striking the market because of the audience now having a smaller attention span and it’s very much “what’s’ next”. But even though being consistent is great and helps in this market, breaks are just as helpful as it gives you time to recharge and take in new inspirations and this is where my issue is, not allowing myself to recharge and overworking.

Dekaria Clothing: Do you have advice for anyone joining the music industry?

Nics: My advice to anyone new or just about to get into the music industry would be to stay true to yourself and create what you like. The last thing you want to do is release something that you genuinely dislike and is a bad representation of yourself but it ends up being the one to blow and everyone then requests more of that or feel a way when you then start making your own stuff. Another thing I would say is to have fun while here and making that one of the top priorities. The creative world, while being tricky to navigate, is suppose to be a fun expressions of yourself so make sure to keep that in mind.

Dekaria Clothing: Thank you, we truly enjoyed speaking to you, thank you for being so open and honest and giving us an insight into your journey.

Feel free to show your continuous support and follow him on all his social media platforms @nicsmusicuk he deserves nothing but recognition and love!

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