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Dekaria Clothing is a brand that promotes being different and unique. Our aim is to make men and women feel good when they leave their houses. We truly believe fashion can contribute towards your confidence. Fashion has no rules and enables us to express ourselves through the clothes that we wear.


We want to travel the world and come up with unique designs and concepts just so YOU, yes YOU can feel good. We will be bringing different fabrics, textures, styles, and patterns. The world is a beautiful place full of so many different experiences so why limit ourselves? It is time to start being more expressive, creative, and free. Versatility is a great aspect to have, and that’s what we will be bringing to the fashion industry.


Our pieces are all created and designed in London by Tia Gabbidon – Founder of Dekaria Clothing - who started sewing during the first lockdown in London to keep her mind stimulated and busy. Tia managed to create beautiful pieces which allowed her to stand out and express herself more. We know that not everyone can make clothes, therefore we want to create pieces that are relatable and make you feel good.


We hope you enjoy being a part of Dekaria Clothing’s journey and witnessing our growth. Thank you for the support in advance and remember: “BE DIFFERENT, BE UNIQUE.”

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